7 motorhome hacks you need to know for your first holiday

We loved our first holiday this summer but it was one of those trips where we were learning the motorhome hacks as we went along.

I wrote a LOT of lists during our week away for how we would do things differently next time. We didn’t have any major disasters but a bit of tweaking would have made our lives a bit easier during that week. Here are 7 motorhome hacks you need to know for your first holiday.


1. Travel light


When you’re living out of a small space, pack only the bare essentials. Choose lightweight options and gear that packs down small. If you can, have a practice pack and then go through everything and ask yourself “do I really need that?” It’s a good way to get rid of unnecessary items before you go away.



2. When you’re parking, back into a space


If there’s room to back into a space, do it. You never know who’s going to park next to or behind you, or how busy the car park is going to get. Make life easier for yourself for when it’s time to leave. This also applies if you have a pitch with a view. We had a sea view at one of the pitches we stayed on. By backing into the space it meant the lounge at the back of the motorhome had the best view.




3. Prep food in advance



Motorhome kitchens are tiny. Prepare pancake mix, pasta sauce, risotto… anything you can store in tuppaware or an old water bottle to chuck into a pan will help you when you’re on the road.




4. Use a shoe storage hanger to store the things you use the most


Use a command hook (if there isn’t a hook already there) to put a shoe storage hanger by the door. Use it for storing the items you need the most when you’re in and out of the motorhome. They are handy for things like suncream, talcum powder (for brushing off sand), and a torch (if you need to go out in the dark)



5. Create a departure checklist



If you’re hiring your motorhome, this is likely to have been done for you, if not, a departure checklist is essential for safety as well as comfort. It acts as a reminder for important tasks such as locking cupboard doors, turning off the water, etc. Keep it handy in the front passenger seat to check before you set off.



6. Know your motorhome


Make sure you have a good understanding of the vehicle you’re driving and living in. As well as knowing how to do the day-to-day tasks such as emptying the toilet and filling up the water, it’s really important to know your vehicle’s height, length and weight, too. Don’t be the driver who gets stuck under a bridge.



7. Wave at other motorhome drivers


We learned very quickly after picking up the motorhome that waving to other motorhome drivers is a “thing”. There are some very enthusiastic wavers around – my husband included.  Of course there are some drivers who aren’t having any of it but it makes a great game for the kids to count how many waves they get. Note: Do NOT wave to people towing caravans from a motorhome. You’ll look like an amateur and they won’t be impressed.


  • What’s your top motorhome hack?


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