Easy Ideas For Water Sensory Play

5 easy ideas for water sensory play

Water sensory play is one the Bears’ favourite activities. A washing up bowl full of bubbles will keep them occupied for ages.

The feeling of water on their hands relaxes them and their favourite game is to wash their cars or Paw Patrol figures in the bubbles. As long as the water doesn’t go on Big Bear’s head (then the world ends) we’re fine.

So recently I’ve been trying to mix things up a bit and create different types of water play to make it more interesting and hopefully teach them something too.

The best thing about these ideas is that they use everyday household objects.

So lay lots of towels on the floor (or go outside) and check out these 5 easy ideas for water sensory play:


1. Foamy car wash



Take the car wash concept a step further by adding DIY foam. Simply combine bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make a fizzing, foamy, wash.  Out of all the water sensory play, the Bears loved this activity the best. Stretch out the fun a bit longer by adding the bicarbonate of soda first for a pretend snow scene. After a few minutes add the vinegar for loads of sensory fun!



2. Colour experiments



Grab some squeeze bottles, medicine droppers, kids syringes, small plastic bowls and a whisk. Add some bottles of food colouring and you’ve got yourself a mini colour laboratory. Kids will love experimenting with mixing different colours. The different apparatus will help with fine motor skills plus coordination and dexterity.



3. Float and sink



A classic water sensory play activity but one that’s fun to do and packed with learning potential. Collect a number of different sized objects and take it in turns to drop them in the water. Depending on your child’s understanding, you could start by guessing whether the object will sink or float and record the results. Or you can just drop them in the water and see what happens!


4. Ice play



This is super simple to set up. Fill a baking tray with a few inches of water and pop it in the freezer for about an hour until a thin layer of ice has formed over the top. The kids will love using sticks, chopsticks or drinks stirrers to tap and break the ice.


5. Simple water play



All you need is a bowl of soapy water and an array of household objects. Choose things like funnels, colanders, squeezy bottles, cups and sponges. Let the kids loose on collecting and pouring the water with a variety of objects. Hours of fun with a washing up bowl or in the bath.



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