15 brilliant ways to improve fine motor skills

Our Bears struggle with and need to improve fine motor skills. Their hypermobility means navigating everyday life can be really hard for them.

From building duplo to opening yoghurt pots and even picking small things up off the floor – everything is really difficult.

But building up strength and dexterity in hands and fingers is hugely important for ALL children. Over the years we’ve found ways to make it fun rather than a chore.

Here are 15 brilliant ways to improve fine motor skills at home.

1. Finger painting.

2. Dough gym with playdough. Rolling, squashing, squeezing, pressing a finger into it. Whatever they do is helping them build up the strength in their fingers.

3. Tear newspaper into strips and then crumple them into balls. You could turn this into a game and see how many balls they can throw into a bucket.

4. Pick up objects using large tweezers

5. Stickers

6. Wring out sponges to increase muscle development

7. Put screw tops on bottles and jars (and taken them off again).

8. Peg socks on a washing line

9. Cutting activities. These exercise the same muscles which are needed to hold a pencil correctly eg. snipping straws, cutting up playdough and birthday cards.

10. Pick up small objects like pegs, beads and coins

11. Screw up tissue paper and stick it onto paper to make pictures

12. Building with Mega Bloks/Duplo

13. Turn over cards, coins or buttons, without bringing them to the edge of the table.

14. String beads, bobbins and buttons together.

15. Use finger puppets in songs 

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