REVIEW: How I finally got my child to sleep past 5am

How I Finally Got My Child To Sleep Past 5am

Anyone who follows this blog regularly or knows me personally will know that we have a problem with sleep in this house. Big Bear is big sensory seeker and a very restless sleeper. He often wakes in the night to go to the toilet and generally likes to start his day between 4.45am and 5.15am.


We have a sleep thief

Surviving A Sleep Thief

Surviving a sleep thief can sometimes feel like a tough military expedition with the SAS. Everyone has their own tolerance levels. I’m often up during the night with Big Bear but it’s the early mornings that are the toughest and I can’t function pre-6am. Which is a problem really, because he NEVER sleeps past 4.45am. 4.45am.