Celebrating birthdays with additional needs

Celebrating Birthdays With Additional Needs

Christmas had only just finished when Big Bear started asking about his birthday, which was six months away. Celebrating birthdays with additional needs can be a tricky process. Until the age of four he hated opening presents. He found it too overwhelming and every time someone handed him a gift he would either throw it


I am THAT mum

I Am That Mum

I am THAT mum. You know the one. THAT mum with the child having a meltdown in the supermarket. The one you’re glad is not you, whilst silently thinking their child is incredibly spoilt. The one whose child is lying on the floor, blocking the aisle so you have no choice but to step over


Don’t feel sorry for me or my kids with additional needs

Don't Feel Sorry For Me

I was eight months pregnant with Little Bear when a work contact I was having a telephone conversation with said: “Oh, you’re having another boy? You’ll be wanting a third then.” He wasn’t even born yet and someone I barely knew had dismissed him because of his gender. This is quite common with two of the


How horse therapy is changing our lives

Sometimes you accidentally stumble across someone or something amazing that completely changes your life. Last year I attended a black-tie awards ceremony for work. I’ve been to loads of them and they tend to follow a very similar format. Dinner. Speaker. Awards. Home. This particular annual event is attended by about 1,000 people, mainly men,


Do you need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

Education Health And Care Plan

This was a question we asked ourselves a lot in the year before Big Bear went to school. Do we need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)? EHCPs are for children and young people aged up to 25 who need more support than is available through special educational needs support. Written by your local


5 Fun Waiting Games for Kids

5 Fun Waiting Games For Kids

Over the last six years I have become an expert in waiting. If it was an Olympic event, I reckon I could go pro. The extent of Big Bear’s medical problems and his countless investigations for one thing and another have meant we have spent a good proportion of his life waiting for appointments. Add


My kids have ‘magic’ limbs

My Kids Have Magic Limbs

It’s quite difficult to play the piano when you’re hypermobile. I know that now but I didn’t when I was five and practising ‘flying to middle c’ with my finger. I could never quite hit it properly because the tip of my finger kept bending back when it landed. I didn’t really question it at


When special interests become dangerous obsessions

When Special Interests Turn Into Dangerous Obsessions

How do you deal with a dangerous obsession? It’s a question that has been concerning me for some time. You see, Big Bear is obsessed – and I mean OBSESSED – with putting things around his neck. Mainly lanyards but if  he hasn’t got one to hand then anything will do. Yesterday he was walking