Our journey to autism diagnosis: part 2

He finally got it. After six years, Big Bear received his autism diagnosis last week. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel at the news. J and I were fairly confident that he would get the diagnosis, although you can never be 100 per certain. Still, when you’re sitting in a room with someone telling you


How do you solve a problem like transition?

Help A Child Transition Between Activities

This morning, Little Bear was playing with his trains when I asked him to have breakfast. “No, I play train track,” he replied, not even looking up. “First you have breakfast and then you can play with the train track,” I said. “Nooooooooo,” he wailed, stamping his feet on the ground. A full-blown meltdown ensued,


Our journey to autism diagnosis – part 1

Our Journey To Autism Diagnosis Part 1

The word autism was always at the back of my mind even before Big Bear was born. My brother has Aspergers Syndrome, and although autism isn’t a genetic condition, it often runs in families. Our journey to autism diagnosis began at our first meeting with the paediatrician, when Big Bear was showing signs of developmental


REVIEW: How I finally got my child to sleep past 5am

How I Finally Got My Child To Sleep Past 5am

Anyone who follows this blog regularly or knows me personally will know that we have a problem with sleep in this house. Big Bear is big sensory seeker and a very restless sleeper. He often wakes in the night to go to the toilet and generally likes to start his day between 4.45am and 5.15am.


Do you need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

Education Health And Care Plan

This was a question we asked ourselves a lot in the year before Big Bear went to school. Do we need an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)? EHCPs are for children and young people aged up to 25 who need more support than is available through special educational needs support. Written by your local