Motivating your children to get things done

Motivating Your Children To Get Things Done

When we received the global developmental delay and hypermobility diagnoses for our boys it set us off on a path of never-ending therapy. Their diagnoses were two-and-a-half years apart but each time we were hit with a deluge of ‘homework’ which is updated on a regular basis. The physio gave us exercises for improving mobility


Celebrating birthdays with additional needs

Celebrating Birthdays With Additional Needs

Christmas had only just finished when Big Bear started asking about his birthday, which was six months away. Celebrating birthdays with additional needs can be a tricky process. Until the age of four he hated opening presents. He found it too overwhelming and every time someone handed him a gift he would either throw it


Is global developmental delay progress holding us back?

Why Global Developmental Delay Progress Is HoldingUs Back

Hospital appointments are like buses: you wait ages for one and then two come along at once. In the last two days Little Bear has had two annual reviews: one with the paediatrician and the other with his speech and language therapist. The paediatrician review was a chance to discuss what’s happened in the last


How do you solve a problem like transition?

Help A Child Transition Between Activities

This morning, Little Bear was playing with his trains when I asked him to have breakfast. “No, I play train track,” he replied, not even looking up. “First you have breakfast and then you can play with the train track,” I said. “Nooooooooo,” he wailed, stamping his feet on the ground. A full-blown meltdown ensued,


Sensory Story: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Sensory Story We're Going On A Bear Hunt

My little sensory-seekers love interactive stories. When Big Bear was two years old my mum came over with the We’re Going On A Bear Hunt book and a box she’d filled with sensory props. There were green pom poms to make the ‘swishy swishy’ sound of the grass, blue satin material and a water spray for the


Living in Limbo – Global Developmental Delay

Living In Limbo Life With Global Developmental Delay

Today is Global Developmental Delay Awareness Day.  A day when parents get together on social media to promote the condition, share their stories and wear yellow. Both our Bears were around 22 months old when doctors filed them under the heading ‘global developmental delay (GDD) and hypermobility’.   “What’s global developmental delay?”   This was the


Our journey to autism diagnosis – part 1

Our Journey To Autism Diagnosis Part 1

The word autism was always at the back of my mind even before Big Bear was born. My brother has Aspergers Syndrome, and although autism isn’t a genetic condition, it often runs in families. Our journey to autism diagnosis began at our first meeting with the paediatrician, when Big Bear was showing signs of developmental