Our journey to autism diagnosis: part 2

He finally got it. After six years, Big Bear received his autism diagnosis last week. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel at the news. J and I were fairly confident that he would get the diagnosis, although you can never be 100 per certain. Still, when you’re sitting in a room with someone telling you


Feed the birds – fine motor skills game

I can’t claim credit for this idea as my mum made it but it’s proved such a hit in our house that I wanted to share it with you. The idea’s so simple: six baby birds sit in their nests while mummy bird feeds them worms.     We’ve had it about two months now


How to tackle after-school meltdowns

“Did you have a good day?” I asked Big Bear when he came out of school on the first day of the new school year. “Yep”, he smiled. “He’s had a fantastic day,” his Year 2 teacher replied beaming, before listing all the things he’d done that day. He’d even received a merit for his


One of those days

One of Those Days

When was the last time you had ‘one of those days’? You know, the days when everything goes wrong and you can’t wait until bedtime? We have elements of one of those days most days but I recently had a day that was particularly relentless. It started off well. We had a productive meeting at


Why you don’t need a diagnosis to access support

Support Without Diagnosis

It took almost six years for our paediatrician to act upon our question of whether Big Bear is autistic. We’re now in the middle of our assessment and waiting for the final piece of the jigsaw. Yet ironically now is the time when we least need a diagnosis. You see, it’s not actually going to change


How we’re planning and practising skills in the holidays

Planning And Practising Skills

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a LOT of appointments – about 15 in total for both Bears. Paediatrician, speech and language, audiology, immunology, occupational therapy, orthotics, pre-school, plus three school appointments…you name it, we’ve had it. Armed with my notebook (a journalist’s best friend), I made pages of notes at the appointments for


7 fun ice play activities

It’s been brilliant to have so much sunshine this summer but it can be hard to keep the little ones cool. Our south facing garden is a sun trap with no natural shade for most of the day. We’ve erected a tent to give the Bears a cooler space and created a waterslide with the


Motivating your children to get things done

Motivating Your Children To Get Things Done

When we received the global developmental delay and hypermobility diagnoses for our boys it set us off on a path of never-ending therapy. Their diagnoses were two-and-a-half years apart but each time we were hit with a deluge of ‘homework’ which is updated on a regular basis. The physio gave us exercises for improving mobility