30 hot weather hacks you NEED to know this summer

30 Hot Weather Hacks You Need To Know This Summer

I’m not usually a fan of hot weather – being pale and freckly means I need factor 50 and shade. However, I’ve actually quite enjoyed the last few weeks of sunshine and I’ve learned a few tricks to help keep both myself and the kids cool along the way. During this hottest time of the year,


How to stay positive

Overall I’d say I’m a positive person. When things go wrong, I might wallow for a while but I’ll generally snap out of a low mood fairly quickly. The last six years have tested this positivity to its limits. Big Bear’s respiratory, hypermobility and developmental difficulties followed by Little Bear’s in-the-womb dramas (doctors thought he


Find joy in summer nature exploration

Find Joy In Summer Nature Exploration

Having my boys is a bit like having dogs. They need regular walks to stop them going a bit crazy indoors. Big Bear in particular needs to leave the confines of the house at regular intervals. Luckily he loves being outdoors in all weather. Little Bear is more of a fair-weather man. If it’s too


How to plan a DIY yoga retreat

DIY Yoga Retreat

When my friend Kelly told me she was planning a DIY yoga retreat with a couple of mates, I was intrigued. The idea of a peaceful yoga weekend has always appealed to me, even more so since the kids came along, but I’d just assumed it would cost too much. It had never crossed my